Review Goals


How Managed Review Leads to a Deeper Understanding of Documents

Inspired Review’s Managed Review process is designed to deliver to our clients two essential kinds of value: substantial compliance with discovery production demands, and deep understanding of the collected document population. We have developed a suite of reports that allow our clients to feel confident in our process and secure that their projects will be delivered on schedule with extraordinary quality.

On all of the reviews that we manage, the Inspired Review Managers send a Daily Status email that includes a Project Overview Report, and an Issue Log Report. We also create custom project reports to capture data and present it in ways that are relevant to the client, for example, issue tagging reports organized by custodian. 

The Project Overview Report presents the work product our review teams have created: responsiveness calls, privilege calls, confidentiality calls, issue tags, and any other categorizations the client needs. This information is presented graphically and statistically to give clients the ability to quickly see trends in their review population.

The Issue Log is a memorialization of all of the Review Team’s questions regarding how to apply the review protocol, and how to address substantive issues in the documents. It also contains the answers from counsel to those questions, and the date they were given. This allows the Review Management team to create QC protocols that ensure production is consistent with counsel’s instructions, regardless of when in the lifecycle of a project those instructions were given. 

The Issue Log also ensures new reviewers and attorneys from the law firm can get up to speed quickly on all the discoveries and decisions not contained in the protocol, and serves as a refresher later on during litigation prep, defensibility discussions or follow-up reviews. The Issue Log is also where the Review Management team will highlight key issues of interest to the client, regardless of their relationship to the scope of the review. For instance, if the Review Team discovers pharmaceutical sales representatives are engaging in off-label promotion during the course of a Second Request review, that information gets put into the Issue Log so counsel can convey that to their client.

Our reporting enables our clients to have constant awareness of their projects progress, as well as increasing their understanding of what the review population illustrates about corporate activities. Constant reporting increases the defensibility of projects and serves as a historical record when counsel needs to understand what happened long after a review has been completed.