Factors That Contribute to DR Efficiency

5 P's

After managing hundreds of reviews comprising millions of documents, we have analyzed the data we have collected and determined that there are at least 5 factors that contribute to the efficiency of a document review project. We call them the 5 P’s and they are: 

  • •People

  • •Process

  • •Platform

  • •Protocol

  • •Population


We utilize a team of vetted, trusted, skilled attorneys who are well-trained in our processes. The team is prepared to, invested in, and focused on adapting our solutions to the unique needs of the case and drive better results back to our clients. Reviews are completed faster, with limited costs and maximum return of knowledge about the population.


Custom workflows are built for every case, founded on the insights, transparent communication, and expertise inherent to our process. Though the workflow is custom, it ensures uniform results in quality, reliability, and clarity. Our clients have greater defensibility around their compliance because of the knowledge base provided back through our process. 


Our Managed Review services are adaptable across many platforms, however, they are not equal in terms of how we are able to maximize the efficient use of the technology. Further, not every eDiscovery service provider supports their review platforms to the same level. We have seen many hosting vendors using the same review platform, however, the service levels could not be more different.

Our ability to access and efficiently use the review platform greatly impacts the efficiency of the review and it is, unfortunately, one of the points that is often outside of our control as a technology agnostic managed review company.


We work with clients to develop a focused, production-oriented protocol and a corresponding coding panel in the workspace. This allows us to focus the review and quality control efforts toward the real interests and goals of the case. The result provides a better, more defensible path to substantial compliance and ensures the critical information will actually be found and delivered back to the client.


From identifying problem documents to adjusting timelines and team sizes, every major decision in the case can be made better by understanding more about the population. We can tailor the workflow and the platform to accommodate the population because we take the time early in the process to understand the documents. We avoid errors and last minute emergencies because we’ve planned ahead and had the right information to plan around. Our clients have confidence in our ability to hit the deadlines because we’ve shown them how it’s going to go before it ever happens.

There are other factors that can affect whether a document review project will proceed efficiently. However, we believe that these are the main factors - the more that we can control these factors, the more efficient a review can be. Not all of these factors need to be perfect - just enough need to break in our favor.